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Exclusive Sedan's Tips on How to Stay Healthy while Traveling


Business traveling can really take it out of you: a study in 2011, by Carlson Wagnolit Travel, suggested that as well as the physical and mental challenges, travelers feel that they don’t use their time efficiently. They also found that the risks of stress increased with both age and amount of travel. Perhaps most pertinent, they found that normal healthy habits were broken while traveling.

Keep up with the healthy routine

You should take advantage on the numerous schemes offered by hotels and airlines to stay healthy. GlobalFit for example, has teamed up with United Airlines to provide frequent flyers increased air miles in reward for using one of the networks’ 10,000 gyms or fitness products. For Yoga fans, you will soon find yoga mats in every Kimpton hotel room.

To help with healthy eating, Ritz-Carlton hotels now offer healthy ‘spa menus.’ And, in Marriott’s Residence Inns you will find not just fitness centers, but: pools, spas and sponsored social evenings to help guests maintain total balance.

Helping travelers to relax, IHG's Crowne Plaza offers a Sleep Advantage program. This contains extra soft bedding, aromatherapy kits in rooms and designated quiet zones; where absolute silence is guaranteed from 9 p.m. to 10 a.m. every day bar Friday and Saturday.

Plan in advance: Making daily itineraries before you leave will allow you to build a healthy routine in from the start of any trip. If the president schedules jogging into his routine it is certainly not below you!

Pack healthy food: A bag containing healthy food and drink means that you will never have an excuse for not eating healthily when traveling. You can take a mixture of dried food, such as; nuts, seeds, almonds, and fresh fruit, for a balanced diet. You should not skip on hydration either; a few fruit drinks and some water will keep you in the best condition.

Eat healthy food: Most hotels offer great and healthy food not just in their restaurants but also on room service menus and even in your room itself. Most cafes today offer healthy snacks alongside coffee and even McDonalds offers salads. Airline lounges are now full of healthy eating options; you just have to choose them.

If you are going to eat healthily while you at your destination a certain amount of research is prudent; you can easily find the healthiest restaurants and it is possible to check out the menus online. You can even ask for healthier options of existing choices, without cheese for example.

Take it steady on the drink. Beer and cocktails are packed full of calories and will dehydrate you; perhaps even more quickly than normal if your body has already lost a ton of water through air conditioning and salty food. It is never easy to be on top of your game with a hangover. Perhaps not embarrassing yourself in front of your clients is a better option than 10 beers the night before.

Don't forget the workout: It has gotten much easier in recent years to find a good gym in the average hotel. Perhaps schedule it in, or use time in the gym to help with the jet lag, either way; don’t get lazy just because you’re not at home.

…Or the loved ones: Technology is making the actual process of getting in touch much easier: whether it is a video call with skype or FaceTime, or a traditional phone call; you will however, still need to actually make time for it. :)

Leave the worries behind after the working day: With no home life while traveling, it is much easier to dwell on the day’s event and lose out on sleep. This is why you should not feel guilty about taking time to work out or unwind while away from home, it will keep you productive.


Ensure all your travel details are taken care of.

At Exclusive sedan Service we can make sure that all the travel details will be taken care of from start to finish. We can help with every aspect of staying healthy, from recommending the healthy restaurants in town or on the road, to taking you to the best gym. Make your trip better today by booking your sedan service or limousine service with us.


Posted on Apr 05 2013

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