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Executive Travel Tips: 7 Ways to Work Anywhere


Regardless if you work for a Fortune 500 company, are a freelance contractor, or run a small, home-based business, work is work and when a deadline approaches, you have to make things happen. Because of this, it is important to learn how to work anywhere. With the right information and tools, you can be productive at the airport, while riding in the back of a limousine, or in a hotel room off the beaten path. Here are some executive travel tips to help you stay productive on the road.

Ways to Stay Productive

The following tips show how you can work from anywhere to be more productive.

  1. Portable Laptop – Today, laptop computers come in a wide range of sizes. For travel purposes, a portable laptop or notebook is ideal. This computer is small yet highly efficient and powerful. 

  1. Live Chat – Although there are a number of excellent programs available, FaceTime and Skype tend to be the most popular. These programs allow real-time face-to-face conversations via video chat so you can provide an assistant at the office with instructions, discuss an upcoming meeting with an important client, or even stay in touch with family while on the road.

  1. Use the Cloud – With Google cloud, you can store documents, photos, videos, and more. To view, edit, create, and share, all you need is a computer, notebook, tablet, or smartphone and internet connection.

  1. Mobile Applications – With literally hundreds of applications designed specifically for mobile devices, you can perform all types of work. There are apps for booking flights and hotels, for running extensive financial reports, apps that help with finding the best local restaurants, and the list goes on.

  1. Comfort – Even when traveling on business, you want to be comfortable. The better you feel in the clothes you wear the easier it will be to relax and focus on the task at hand.

  1. Phone Number – If you happen to travel to Europe for work, you can use your North American phone number simply by plugging in a small box. With this, you gain internet access and clients can contact the same number regardless of where you are physically located. Vonage offers an excellent service worth consideration.

  1. Payment Processing – If you accept payments while traveling, a payment processing company is ideal. This type of company offers different options that make it possible to accept payments while away from home.

Getting Around

Traveling on business usually consists of more work than play. There are a lot of places to be, tight schedules to make, business meetings to conduct, clients to meet, and so on. To enjoy your next trip from a convenience and productive standpoint, consider hiring a professional limo driver. That way, you can work while being chauffeured.

Posted on Aug 19 2015

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