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Explore LA’s Cultural Districts


From the outside, it’s easy to consider that all the cultures that possibly existed in Los Angeles were wiped out by Hollywood and turned into one giant hybrid culture. But dig deeper, and you will find a surprisingly beautiful world that is both ethnically and culturally diverse. Los Angeles has numerous cultural districts, each dedicated to a different culture.

These cultural areas make Los Angeles one of the few places in the world where you can experience such diversity without having to cross oceans. It would be a crime for you to leave LA without having experienced each of these districts. Using our reliable LA limo service, you are guaranteed a safe, comfortable, and luxurious ride as you sample each of these districts:

China Town

China Town is the hub of Chinese culture. This part of town is characterized by Chinese businesses and exhibitions; mostly galleries, restaurants, and shops. Although there are other parts of LA that have more refined Chinese establishments, this is the only place you will get the full Chinese experience all in one location. It’s almost as though a little piece of China was taken and planted perfectly in LA.

Olvera Street

This is Los Angeles’ Mexico. Olvera Street was originally part of China Town but was established in the early 1900s to celebrate LA’s Mexican heritage. In this colorful part of town, you can enjoy Mexican cuisine and collect souvenirs such as puppets, serapes, pottery, and sombreros in any of the shops that line the street. You will also be able to enjoy cultural events during Mexican holidays, so if you’re particularly interested in learning more about the culture, you can time your visit accordingly.

Little Ethiopia

Little Ethiopia was established in 2004 in honor of a vast number of Ethiopian and Eritrean residents in the area. Previously known as South Fairfax, the neighborhood is filled with Ethiopian businesses and restaurants. If you’re curious about East African culture, this is the place to be in LA.

Little Tokyo

Little Tokyo is where you’ll find the largest Japanese-American population in the United States. Little Tokyo has been existent since the 20th century and is endowed with a wide range of Japanese establishments. These include restaurants, video game stores, anime book stores, the Japanese-American National Museum, and market places where you can purchase Japanese products.

If you time your visit correctly, you might even get the chance to witness a cultural festival, for example, the LA Asian-Pacific Film Festival.

Little Armenia

Previously known as East Hollywood, Little Armenia was established in 2000. This cultural district is dominated by Armenian businesses and residents. The best time to visit Little Armenia is on April 24th when Armenian-Americans hold an annual event to commemorate the Armenian Genocide. Throughout the year, however, you can experience great Armenian dishes and historical exhibitions.

As you can see, LA is not as culturally desolate as you might have assumed. There are many more cultural districts apart from these. These include the Russian-Jewish Pico-Robertson area, Korea Town, Cambodia Town, Thai Town, Little Italy, the African-American Leimert Park Village, Little India, and Little Persia.

Posted on Aug 15 2017

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