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Faeries are Coming to Griffith Park


A day at the park will be a creative and unusual experience if you visit with the Faeries on Saturday April 21st at 10:30am. “A Faery Hunt” is a one of a kind interactive show that features a cast of nature based characters. This is a performance for kids and adults alike that not only tickles your funny bone but the nature lover in you. If you are trying to convey an environmental friendly message to your kids this is the place to go. The messages that form the base of this show include kindness, forgiveness, respect, ecological responsibility and tolerance.

Suggestions to Enhance the Experience If Bringing Children

  • Encourage the children to dress up like faeries themselves. When it comes time for photo opportunities with the cast you will be delighted with the memories that will stay with you forever.
  • Before going to the show check out their website at to explore the Faery Fun and Folk pages with the kids. They even have a how to guide on how to build your own Faery House.
  • Another fun option is to build your own faery door that you can place against a tree. Explaining the mystery of the faery door to children is a great precursor to having them fully engage in the experience. Faery doors are also available for purchase online if you don’t want to make one yourself.

A little enchantment is a great way to explore your imagination and open your mind to new thoughts and experiences. Come and learn about the “Faery Treasures” and see how they fit into your lifestyle. A great part about these shows is that A Faery Hunt! is a non profit that raises funds for hospital and school programs. You will not only enjoy an entertaining "faery hunt" but you are giving to charity as well. If you can’t make this performance visit their website at to find out where else they will be performing. Don’t forget to get your tickets early!

And, of course, give us a call at Exclusive Sedan to arrange your stress free transport to and from the magical experience of faery land!


Posted on Apr 06 2012

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