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Gadgets to Make Business Travel Easier


While there are perks to business travel, being away from home, loved ones, and even a physical office is often much tougher than it seems. Using the services of an LA limousine company makes your time on the road easier, and the following gadgets can help.


Innovative Gadgets Worth Consideration

For easier travel, start by hiring a reputable LA limo company. This provides a sense of confidence, as it meansyou will have on-time and safe transportation after arriving in Los Angeles. From there, consider some of the following gadgets, which are designed and developed specifically for frequent business travelers.

  • Luggage Tracker—The thought of having luggage go missing is scary. Fortunately, you can place a luggage tracker on your item so that after arriving to your destination, you receive a signal or message automatically. For instance, if your luggage were accidentally left in the backseat of an LA limo, the signal would notify you of its whereabouts.

  • Solar-Powered Charger—Although charging stations are now available in airports throughout the world, they are often crowded or in full use. To keep your mobile devices fully charged when traveling on business, consider buying a solar-powered charger. Simply place the charger near a window, and it will convert sunlight into electricity for charging your devices.

  • Travel Pillow—Blankets and pillows offered to passengers on flights are loaded with germs. If you travel often or take long flights, a special travel pillow is the perfect solution. There are a number of top brands, which roll up for easy carrying while providing excellent support and shape when needed. Among the best is the J-Pillow.

  • Multiple Device Charger—When you’re away on business, you likely take several different devices with you, including your laptop, iPad, smartphone, tablet, and so on. The problem is that most hotels only have one or two outlets, making it difficult to charge multiple devices. However, you can purchase a special gadget designed to charge up to four mobile devices using a single power outlet.

  • Garment Steamer—If you want to ensure that you look your best for important corporate meetings without spending additional money for professional pressing, you can purchase a portable garment steamer. This steamer is small enough to pack easily, yet provides enough powerful steam to eliminate stubborn wrinkles.


Arriving in Style with an LA Limo

Obviously, using a Los Angeles limousine service is a great way to arrive to meetings and dinners in style. However, there are a number of other benefits as well, such as being cost-efficient, comfortable, convenient, and safe.

Posted on Mar 01 2016

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