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Get the Most From Conference Attendance


Attending a conference is an expensive undertaking – not only must you factor in the cost of attendance and travel but also the cost of your time out of the office. On the other hand, conferences often mean new business opportunities and allow you to stay in touch with your industry. Often, from this perspective you cannot afford not to miss them. So just like any other investment, you need to know how to maximize the return on your investment. This post gives you a few tips to do exactly that.

Set conditions for success

If you know that you’re going to attend a conference booking early will reap many rewards. Firstly, you’re likely going to save a bit of cash. Next, you’ll get to pick you choice of hotels and flights. Lastly, by making the early commitment – and following the next bits of advice – you’re setting the conditions for success.

Alongside the decision to attend, you need to come to a firm conclusion about what exactly you’re trying achieve by attending. It’s likely going to be more than one thing – so make a list of your top 3 or 5. Frequently people look to accomplish the following: network, gain insights, learn new and useful skills, find new clients and opportunities and interact with the market leaders.

Now you know what you want and have a plan to get there and about, but you need the actual plan. Working through the program and vendor list – with you list of goals close at hand – we suggest you sketch out a draft custom program for you and you team. This does not need to take more than a few minutes but could save countless missed opportunities.

Seize success

With your plan and a clear idea of what you want, the actual conference will be like ‘drinking from a fire hose’. You can’t take in everything, so make notes about interesting concepts with contacts that you intend to follow up on later. While you have your plan, don’t be afraid to deviate from it if you sense something hot and new is afoot. Innovation should be particularly important to witness. This is what drives an industry forwards and what kills the competitors that don’t stay ahead. Lastly: network and then network some more.

Once the show is over ensure that you follow up on key leads promptly and maybe schedule some time with your team to digest what you’ve seen and cross-pollinate new ideas.

Exclusive Sedan is a company that has an immensely high regard for conference attendees. We hope that this short summary has proved useful and would offer you the suggestion that the next time you need quality ground transportation in the L.A. area you consider a company that understands that long term success is built on working with partners in the travel industry to build fruitful and enduring relationships. Call our team today to see what we can offer.

Posted on Jun 17 2014

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