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Google Features That Every Business Traveler Should Know About


sedan service, LA Limo, limo service LA, Los Angeles limoDid you know that Google offers a suite of travel services aimed at the budget traveler? Not many people do. Google has not highly publicized these services but they are extremely useful nevertheless. Here are just a few of the services that you may want to use when planning your next trip.

Google Flights

Did you know that you can book flights directly by using Google? No longer do people need to rely on iffy third-party services. Google Flights has a few extremely unique features:

  • See flight cost based on your originating airport. You can easily chart a path to anywhere in the globe.
  • Get suggestions on cheaper times to fly. You may be able to save a significant amount of money simply by taking a flight a little earlier or later.
  • View the amenities that each flight offers, including WiFi and free on-board entertainment.

Google Flights offers all of the advantages of other third-party flight aggregation services without tacking on unnecessary fees or surcharges.

Google Hotels

Google offers an easy way to search through a multitude of hotels to get the best deal. You can search based on flexible dates and look through hotels categorized by their proximity to your destination and their star ratings. Unlike other third-party hotel services, Google Hotels allows you to book directly through the hotel -- this cuts out complications and fees.

Google Navigation

Google's new navigational system was built to rival Apple's Siri. It includes voice navigation that alerts you every time you need to make a turn, merge or transition onto another road. Google's maps system is the most comprehensive system of roads and networks in the world and can be run on any Android, BlackBerry or iOS device.

The above services are only the services that have been developed specifically by Google. In addition to the above services, there is a wide selection of applications that can also be useful to the business traveler.

Posted on Aug 14 2014

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