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Google Now Offers Google Earth Pro for Free


limo service los angeles, LA limoToday’s travelers have it easier over the pioneers who were constantly forging through uncharted territories. We typically don’t need to worry about finding a location, even if it’s off the beaten path, because we have access to GPS information and other data via our mobile devices.

Now, there is a plethora of information to help people make the most of their journeys, such as user-contributed trip reports, instant access to reservation systems, all made possible through technology that’s connected to the Internet.

A major case in point is Google Earth Pro, which had been providing users with the same pictures that they could get with the free version of the application, but includes tools that business professionals use to get more out the fire hose of global information.

Previously, Google charged users $399 per year to use the professional version of Google Earth, a software tool that shows users a spinning virtual globe. The application has its roots in Keyhole, a satellite imagery company that was funded by the CIA.

Business travelers and the people who support them have been using

to do tasks such as print out high resolution photos of their destination and automatically geolocate places anywhere on Earth in a blink of an eye.

What’s more, you get access to advanced tools in Google Earth Pro, enabling you to generate animated movies to previsualize a trip. People who need to do extensive research on a particular region will appreciate that the professional version lets you map numerous locations on the planet simultaneously and then integrate information such as traffic data, images and demographic details about each place.

In order to get access to Google Earth Pro, you will need to request a key from Google (free of charge). Your username for the application will be the email address you use to sign up. Google will send you a key to this address and then you can get started using this sophisticated tool to help you on your next journey.

Innovations in software and technology seem to be appearing at an increasing pace. For busy travelers who want access to the detailed imagery of planet Earth, Google Earth Pro should prove to be an ideal tool for planning trips and getting a better understanding of the environment around them.

Posted on Feb 06 2015

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