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Haunted Hollywood?


As Halloween comes and goes the interest in ghost stories of the past and present seem to come to life. Having “Hollywood” and all the stars abound today makes us think back to all those “famous” ghosts of the past and perhaps present if you are lucky enough to see one.

The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

It is home to two celebrity ghosts. It has been said that Montgomery Clift has been seen pacing the hallways and reciting his old lines. It has also been said that the ghost of Marilyn Monroe has been seen sever times in a full-length mirror that was originally located in her poolside suite. There is also supposed to be a "cold spot" in the Blossom Ballroom at the same Roosevelt Hotel (the room where the very first Academy Awards ceremony was held), a circle about 30 inches in diameter and about 10 degrees colder than the rest of the ballroom. You can find out more about the "haunted."  Read more about this and other celebrity haunts at

We Can still Love Lucy

Lucille Ball died during surgery on April 26, 1989, at the age of 77. At the time she was still living in her home at 100 North Roxbury Drive. Since her death, she is said to remain in the home that experiences a number of strange happenings. New owners tell of unexplained broken windows, loud voices being heard from an empty attic, and furniture and other objects moving around inside the house.

Universal Studio Ghosts

If the name Lon Chaney, Sr. sound familiar, he was the pioneer actor of horror films during the silent film era and died in 1930. His spirit is said to haunt Sound Stage 28 at Universal Studios. This stage was used for the film Phantom of the Opera, and Chaney’s caped spirit has been seen running along the catwalks above the stage. Other phenomena reported to occur here include lights that turn on and off and doors that open and close by themselves.

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Posted on Oct 28 2011

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