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Here’s How You Can Make a Good First Impression


It doesn’t take much time to actually form a first impression of someone (and it’s nearly impossible to undo!), so you’re going to have your work cut out for you when it comes to repairing an unfavorable image. In fact, first impressions can easily set the tone of the relationship between you and someone else, and this can go on for a very long time.

Here, at our LA limo service, one of the things we constantly remind our chauffeurs about is setting an exemplary attitude. From maintaining a smart and clean appearance to adopting the right mannerisms and attitude, we’re able to provide our customers with top-notch service from start to finish.

Of course, this is something that everyone should be familiar with, so we’ve provided some useful tips for you to glean from:


Time is of the Essence

Nobody likes to be kept waiting, so do yourself a favor and plan to leave earlier in order to avoid an unfavorable scenario. It’s hard to know just what life intends to throw at you every single day, and though it’s not your fault that you got stuck in a massive jam, you can definitely reduce those kinds of incidents by preparing enough backup time beforehand.


Be Authentic

What this means is adopting a genuine and open attitude towards those around you. Of course, if you have a habit of talking too loudly or staring endlessly at your phone, those aren’t the types of behavior that anyone wants to be around for long. Instead, seek to stay true to yourself and “fit in” at the same time. Although that can be a little disorienting at the start, you’ll soon come to realize just how effective being who you are can actually be.


Show Your Winning Smile

Smile and the world smiles with you! People tend to mirror those around them, so even if you have a smile on your face, you’ll probably start to feel yourself slipping if the person in front of you isn’t smiling back. The truth can also be said for the reverse. Maintaining a positive and cheery smile definitely helps to endear others to yourself, and it doesn’t even take much of an effort, so do remember to turn the corners of your lips up.


Stay Open and Confident

Our body language can very easily betray how we feel about someone or something, and we might not even realize how we’re projecting ourselves most of the time. To appear confident and and self-assured, remember to stand straight, make eye contact, give your best smile and a firm handshake. If you do have nervous habits that end up betraying you, being aware of your body language helps in adjusting these behavioral giveaways a lot more easily.


Engage in Small Talk

This isn’t a signal to go rambling on and on about yourself and your likes and dislikes. In fact, people usually appreciate get to know sessions when they’re balanced and considerate, meaning that both parties will get to learn something about one another. If you’re unfamiliar with how this goes, you can always prepare a few questions beforehand to get the ball rolling.

If you prepare for a business meeting or interview, you must know that the right transportation option can help you make a great first impression. Exclusive Sedan Service is committed to providing high-quality chauffeured ground transportation solutions for executive, business travellers, special event and meeting professionals. Whenever you need a reliable transportation partner, you can always count on our LA car service.

Posted on Nov 13 2018

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