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Holiday Travel Tips for Business Travelers


With business travel, there are some advantages, such as seeing new cities and states, dining in fabulous restaurants, meeting new people, and being pampered by hotel staff, but business travel is also difficult. After all, you spend time away from the family, miss out on homemade meals, spend a great deal of time rushing from one important meeting to another, and do not have the luxury of crawling into your own bed.


Challenges are especially magnified when traveling on business during the holidays. At Christmas time, you deal with delayed flights, overbooked hotel rooms, slower service, and the issue of crowds everywhere you go. To make this year’s holiday travel easier, consider some of the following tips.


Helpful Tips for Business Travel During the Holidays


  • Choose the Road Less Traveled—Instead of taking what appears to be the best flight, consider all your options. As a prime example, you can save time and money and also beat the crowd by flying into a smaller airport. In some instances, it may make more sense to use the railway system as opposed to an airline. Simply put, to reduce stress, look at less-conventional travel options.


  • Loyalty Programs—Traveling during the holidays is the perfect time to take advantage of loyalty programs. For instance, because airline seats are hard to come by during the holidays, take the opportunity to cash in on rewards. As a result, you can upgrade to business or first class.


  • Rely on Technology—Today, there are literally thousands of mobile applications devoted to business travelers. By using any number of these apps, you will find scheduling flights, booking hotels, and hiring a limousine company much easier. In addition, mobile apps will help you stay productive on the road, keep you in direct communication with family, friends, co-workers, and clients, and allow you to stay on top of industry news.


  • Online Services—You should also consider using different online services when traveling over the holidays. In this case, you can check in for your flight via computer as a means of avoiding long lines at the airport. You can also complete a pre-flight security check, bypassing many of the standard requirements like removing a laptop from its case.


  • Ship Bulky Items—If you will be out of town for a longer amount of time, instead of carrying a lot of luggage or boxes of documents, have those items shipped to the hotel. This makes a huge difference when traveling on business over the holidays.


Benefit from a Chauffeured Limousine


You should also use the services of a chauffeured limousine when traveling on business over the holiday. As soon as you debark from the plane, your chauffeur will be waiting to whisk you away to wherever you need to go. As such, you avoid the hassle of trying to find a ride, maneuvering through congested highways, and looking for a place to park.

Posted on Dec 09 2015

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