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Hot New Trends in Corporate Travel


new travel tendsEvery year, corporate travel trends change. The year 2016 is no different, with a number of new trends to help streamline the corporate travel experience. In addition to making travel easier and more convenient, many trends focus on reducing travel expense.


2016 Trends for Corporate Travel


  • Bleisure Travel—This year, you will see more “bleisure,” which is a blend of business and recreational travel. With high work demands, more people strive to balance work and pleasure. Therefore, you will notice a rise in the number of executives who take family members along on business trips. For instance, instead of flying home on Saturday morning after a Friday meeting, the entire family will stayfor a mini-vacation.


  • Mobile Connectivity—Another hot corporate travel trend for 2016 is the increase in connectivity using mobile devices and apps. Every day, developers introduce literally thousands of new apps specific to business. By downloading the right apps to your mobile phone, iPad, tablet, or laptop, you can hold virtual meetings, communicate flawlessly with the office, post blogs on social media sights, book a hotel room, make a dinner reservation, and even hire an LA limo service.


  • Travel Marketing—More and more, business executives realize the value of giving potential and existing clients a one-of-a-kind experience. For this corporate travel trend, you can book an exceptional trip to a resort location. Along with business, the experience would include local cultures and activities. As expected, clients are impressed, making this a highly effective marketing strategy. To ensure that all guests arrive at the airport on time, you can hire an LA limo company for ground transportation.


  • Carry-On Luggage—Even carry-on luggage has gone through significant change. To avoid paying extra fees and standing in long lines at baggage claim, top executive travelers are now using innovative carry-ons that offer affordability, ample space, and durability. A prime example is a carry-on that serves as both luggage and a garment bag. This carry-on is small enough for the overhead bin yet designed to reduce wrinkling of clothes.


  • Dinner Reservations—This year, you will see a dramatic boost in the number of companies that offer online services for booking a dinner reservation. If you use these services, you will have no problem finding an appropriate restaurant while enjoying the benefits of promotions and discounts.


  • Limousine Service—Unfortunately, many people still believe that LA limo service is expensive and extravagant. Although you and your guests will arrive in style, this mode of ground transportation is actually more cost-efficient than other options. After all, when you’re using a limousine service in Los Angeles, you never pay for fuel, taxes, tolls, insurance, parking, or other services, which ultimately makes this a cost-effective solution.

Posted on Feb 16 2016

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