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How to Beat Jet Lag


Jet lag will affect us all; no matter how often we travel. It’s not just the change in time zones you must deal with but air travel is downright tiring. If you must travel often for business then you can’t just sleep off jet lag, like on vacation. This short post gives you a few tactics to minimize the effects of jet lag.

Before you go

One possible method of dealing with the dramatic change in time zones is to make the problem less dramatic. This can be achieved by starting to adjust before you leave. For example, if you’re flying east and must adjust to earlier starts, then you could get up an hour earlier and go to bed an hour later for a few days before your trip, to being the process.

This may not be possible for everybody. But you can adjust the two things that also affect your internal clock more gently: food and light. This means that you should always try and eat at the local time and make sure that you’re exposed to the natural light or an artificial substitute at the appropriate time.

There’s always coffee

If you’re traveling east, you’re going to have problems getting to sleep at first. A possibility is to take a little melatonin; this will help you to fall asleep. Other options are a little alcohol, if it works for you. The next morning may well be hell at first as you feel like you’re getting up the middle of the night. Again you can take matters into your own hand with a little exercise, caffeine or energy drink. If you’re flying into a meeting early and you think it’s still the middle of the night, having a shower and changing your clothes can be a great option.

Plan B

If you’re only traveling for a few days a possible strategy is to do nothing! Staying in your own time zone will not prevent jet lag but it’s a practical solution if you don’t have enough time to adjust. You’re going to be exhausted for a few days though.

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Posted on Mar 09 2014

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