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How To Ensure You Get What You want From A Desk-Side Meeting


There’s going to be many occasions in your career where you’re going to be conducting a desk side meeting. This is not a full blown formal meeting, but where you just arrange to drop by someone and put your pitch to them at their own desk, this could be internal to your business or external. This short post lets you know enough to ensure that you’re successful in these meetings.

Bring what you need

While a desk-side is less formal than other meetings you still need to come with suitable material. You would not attend a job interview without a few copies of your resume, so this should be no different. Bring business cards, a client list and anything else you need to give as a takeaway.

Work out what to ask, as well as what to say

In any type of less formal meeting you’re aiming as much as possible for a discussion. This means you need to spend some time thinking about what it is you want to know from your potential source of business. Just like anything in life, success at a desk side is going to have a fair amount to do with personal relationships. This means, you should also spend a little time getting to know the person.

Say thank you promptly

Regardless of the outcome, you should say thank you straightaway. This is simple good manners and even if your time comes to nothing, they will remember you as polite. This will pay dividends in the long run and should be done promptly.

Don’t forget the follow up

You should follow up, whatever the outcome; even if it’s just to find out why things did not pan out. This is probably best done by email and should be personalized. Maybe suggest taking things forward more formally or perhaps continuing the discussion in another setting.

Don’t let momentum slip away

Never forget that people are busy. If you feel you’re making progress you should keep it going, all the time attempting to make things as easy as possible. A great way of tracking these sorts of interactions when they get complicated is with a spreadsheet, detailing the initial contact, the follow up and then suitable points in the future where you’ll keep pressing issues.

We wish you all success in you meetings, both formal and informal, and hope that this short post goes some way to helping. As a Los Angeles based ground transportation company, Exclusive Sedan can offer more than just advice - we provide the full spectrum of business and leisure chauffeured transportation and have a long history of working with business people and delivering outstanding levels of service, planning advice and support. Operating in the Los Angeles area and with affiliates throughout the world, we’d love to hear from you, so call us today to ensure one aspect of your business transport is not a concern.

Posted on Apr 30 2014

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