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How to Plan and Prepare for a Romantic Valentine Date


You won’t see Cupid hanging around with his bow and arrow, but you’ll definitely be able to sense the increasing love charge in the air as the year’s most romantic couple’s day comes around. Now, if you’re looking to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, you might already have a couple of things in mind to do. With that being said though, everybody could use a leg up in the romance department, so we’ve gathered our suggestions for creating the right mood on this special day just for you:

Plan in Advance

Valentine’s Day is heavily commercialized and shall we say, rather expensive. If you were thinking to wait till the last minute to throw something together, don’t. Not only will you have to deal with the last-minute rush to get something suitable, you might even find yourself plum out of luck. To avoid possible heartache and anguish, it’s time to think and prepare carefully to enjoy an irresistibly heart-melting date.

The Dining Experience

When it comes to dining in or out, there’s no one choice that’s better than the other. Dining out gives you the flexibility in terms of not cooking and having someone else prepare everything for you to enjoy in a more romantic setting. However, for even more privacy, you can always opt to dine in, especially if you know your way around the kitchen. If you’ll like to express your creativity with food on this special day, go for it.

Little Things Matter

Of course, the big things like booking your spot or buying your gift should be done in advance, but let’s not forget that there are other things that require your attention: e.g. candles, music playlist, care or love letter, flowers and chocolates, and plenty more. These details or finishing touches can definitely make or break your date, so you’ll want to get a head start.

Dress to Impress

If you put that much effort into dressing up for work or meeting others, there really isn’t any reason not to do the same for your date on Valentine’s Day. After all, dressing presentably lets your partner know that your care about how they perceive you, and inevitably, how much you care about making them happy. Of course, is there really any downside to looking sexy or handsome for your date?

Spend the Entire Day Together

We understand that this cannot apply to everyone, especially since Valentine’s Day does fall on a Thursday. However, if at all possible, why not make your date a whole day experience instead? Treat yourselves to a delightful breakfast (in bed, maybe?), do something you enjoy together and prepare yourselves for dinner and some pre-bedtime activities.

A great way to just relax and focus on one another is with a scenic ride in our luxurious Los Angeles limousine. Just tell us your plans and what you’ll like to see or do on your special date and we’ll arrange the rest. After all, lovebirds should be free to love, and we’re more than happy to have you on board with us this Valentine’s Day.

Posted on Jan 15 2019

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