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How To Ruin a Corporate Event


There are many pitfalls that the unsuspecting event organizer could discover. In fact much of the job can be ensuring that these are avoided with careful planning. This week’s post gives you an insight into the most common mistakes that will ruin your event.

Getting the dates wrong

No one turns up because something else is going on. One of the simplest aspects, getting the date right, can be one an area most likely to fail. Good scheduling with all stake holders and an awareness of what other things are going on around this time, should see you avoiding making this simple but disastrous mistake.

Inconvenient venue

Attendees find it very taxing to get to your venue because it’s in the wrong place, or perhaps it’s just difficult to get to at that time of day. Choosing a convenient venue may not be exciting but it is critical to success. Try and factor in all your attendees needs and then narrow the possible locations down accordingly.

Event poorly marketed

No one turns up because either they have not realized it’s going on, or they did not realize the benefit it offered them. Either way, you’ve got to get promotion and marketing right to get people through the door. This is a complex subject with many possible solutions but try and make the best use of your existing customers who’re already convinced of your value.

Too little direction and micromanagement

When it comes to actually staging the event, it’s likely that you’ve  hired an experienced team. Make the most of them. If you give them clear direction about what your goals are but allow them to use their expertise in executing them, you’ll find you get so much more out of them. If you don’t tell them what you really need but micromanage every aspect, odds are they won’t be able to perform to the right level and will be and look disinterested.

Have a backup plan

There are certain elements of your event plan that are critical; without which the event will not be a success. Examples include keynote speakers and getting people from the airport. If you don’t have at least the start point for failure in one of these critical areas, you’re leaving yourself open to failure.

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Posted on Jun 02 2014

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