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How To Sharpen Your Leadership Skills


Most effective leaders have worked hard to get where they are in all things. This is true for leadership skills as much as their position in the company. Few are born as truly inspirational leaders; most have to learn. Some learn through trial and error and some through investing time and effort in self develop. This post gives you 4 simple ideas that you can use to develop your leadership skills.

Forum focus

A forum, with a trusting, honest flavor and open boundaries, can be a great time to get feedback from your staff on how things are proceeding and to use the excellent ideas that they will doubtless have, but which would not otherwise surface. Forums are not a place for group think and as the boss you need to ensure that this is not the case. The goal is for you not to lead the conversation but to facilitate constructive discussion that enables positive development.

Get close to great leaders

Friends who have leadership skills can be a great source of motivation, feedback and inspiration.  Remember, that others ideas and listening to competitors does not make you weaker. On the contrary, it’ll make you decisions better; even if you just validate decisions with a critical audience that has limited interest in taking a negative view. What’s more, being a good leader can be lonely, you may have to make unpopular decisions and you cannot ever be just one of the employees. Surrounding yourself with people in similar positions will relieve some of this burden.

Build your team

Teams are things which can be improved, nourished and developed. This is why people invest in teambuilding activities and why people should spend time getting to know the people they’re working with. If you can create an environment where fun, relaxation and team development can simultaneously take place, you’ll be on to a good thing. But as the leader, you need to have an idea of what it is you want to improve and shape the teambuilding experience accordingly.

Work at your skills

If you work constantly at any skill it will improve, leadership falls into this category. Spend a little time each week to read up on techniques, related literature or attend seminars on the craft of leadership. This time will be surely well invested and you’ll be a better and more rounded leader as a result. Even learning more about you industry can make you a better leader. So take the time and enjoy it.

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Posted on Jan 29 2014

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