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How to Stage an Event Your Employees Will Never Forget


As ever more is demanded of our professional life, finding time for a corporate event can be increasingly challenging. People are already spending the majority of their time with one group of professionals, so asking them to spend more time voluntarily can be a big ask. If you are trying to organize events it’ll be clear that more is required than ‘the same thing that we did last year.’ This week’s post brings you three quick ideas that, if done well, will ensure that you event engages, thrills and above all achieves its aims.

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Trying to motivate employees can be a challenge; very few of us are what you could call motivational leaders. You could however, easily find someone who can inspire and perhaps has learned valuable lessons at the human level but maybe in an entirely different career field. What’s more, a big sporting name or well known artist will serve to add a sense of anticipation and energy that it may otherwise be difficult to generate. One of the challenges will be to link it and them in to the event’s theme. Perhaps you need to get someone who can talk determination or teamwork. Whatever the theme, be sure to check that your sensational speaker can fit the bill.

Terrific themes

Choice of theme is important if you want to stage an unforgettable event. It does not have to be wildly ‘out there’, simply well done and fun. The theme should be the start point for everything from music to food so get it right: check your choice is going to inspire the right people by simply asking.

The unexpected

If you truly want to have you event remembered for the right reasons then getting attendees to try something they’ve never done before could be the right answer. This does not need to be a monumental physical exertion; a simple but uncommon activity could be great. Try and link this unexpected thing back into theme and make it fun. If your theme was determination, try hiring a survival expert to teach your attendees how to start a fire with only natural tools, for example.

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Posted on Dec 18 2013

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