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How to Survive Holiday Business Travel


Business travel can be hectic; add in the holidays, and traveling can be an absolute nightmare. If you're unable to avoid traveling during the holidays, here are ten-holiday business trip suggestions to make your traveling experience smoother.

1. Pack lightly

Expect the unexpected. If your flight is delayed or canceled, it's easier to reschedule a flight knowing that you have all of your personal items with you and not stowed away in another place.

2. Take an Early Flight

Usually, airports are least congested at times when most people are nested comfortably in their beds. Delays are less likely to happen for morning flights, and if you do encounter an issue with your initially scheduled itinerary, you'll have options later in the day. That’s a win-win for sure.

3. Shortcuts are your Friends

Self-service systems in online travel can be a huge time-saver, especially during peak travel times. When possible, print your boarding passes at home or use your smartphone. Consider applying for TSA PreCheck, which allows you to skip those long security lines.

4. Carry Money

Cash is still king. Nothing gets things moving quicker than money in-hand, especially when credit card systems are down and cards can't be accepted, you'll be able to grab a coffee or bite to eat.

5. Expect problems

Flights can be delayed or canceled for a myriad of reasons. That's why it's essential to have a backup plan. If you're traveling for an important meeting or attending a conference in November and December, try arraigning your flight for two days before the event. Also, you should always have a backup plan in place. For instance, business travelers should take advantage of the most flexible hotel option they can find. While the package may cost more, in the event of a cancellation or missed trip, you won't lose out on all your money.

Posted on Nov 07 2019

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