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How You Can Cut on Business Travel Expenses


limo service LA, LA limo, los angeles limoWhere are the accolades for employees who consistently turn in travel expense reports that go under budget? If companies don’t provide some kind of incentive or at least praise their workers for curbing business travel expenses, it is easy to see why some people might not sweat over their per diem money or fret that they booked a more expensive hotel room than they really needed. Companies in the United States are expected to spend at least $310 billion in 2015, according to a recent Yahoo Travel post.

You reduce travel expenses at your company pretty painlessly simply by paying attention to past mistakes that tended to boost what workers had to spend on hotel and airfare bookings.

For example, if a company says workers can spend at maximum $200 on a hotel room or $600 per round-trip flight for business, the employees may only view the upper limit as important. They will tend to spend as much as they can instead of looking for a great deal that will satisfy their creature comforts while on the road. They may understand that improving the company’s bottom line helps ensure their own regular paycheck, but when it comes to expenses, some workers start to feel entitled to as much as they can snag.

Another area where you can really control costs is by always planning ahead for your travel arrangements. If people in your company are notorious about making last-minute bookings, find out what the problem is. Those who cannot control their schedule because of outside pressures may not have much room to wiggle, but when you have regularly scheduled meetings with clients or go to the same trade show every year, it’s easy to put these items into your calendar so you can purchase tickets well in advance.

Whether you choose to give your employees a percentage of the money they save when curbing travel expenses or simply elect to recognize them with public praise, you’ll want to start getting them into the mindset of being frugal for their upcoming trips now.

Posted on Mar 25 2015

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