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International Meetings: How To Get Them Right


Planning meetings outside of your home country poses multiple challenges that you’ve probably never come across previously. What’s more, for those planning them, international meetings often represent some of the most important meetings a company will stage – so you’ve got to get them right. This week’s post offers you some simple advice to see you on the right course

Knowledge is all

If you get the opportunity to go and visit the destination for some planning, take it. You need to establish the contacts that you’ll need to ensure that you get the level of service and support necessary. It’s worth talking to local tourist and conventions groups to make sure that you’ve got the best partners possible.


You’re going to encounter lots of differences to with respect to protocol and doing business. These differences should be respected and not fought against. Patience will be a key ally; you should expect things to be a little more formal and maybe slower than what you’re used to in the United States.

If these challenges look too daunting it may be worth hiring in some professional assistance. Third party planners, who specialize in doing business in your target country, could save you time, effort and costly mistakes.


There’s a whole load of practical issues from visas to health insurance requirements that need to be thoroughly researched before your meeting. In fact, these things can take a significant time to organize, so it’s worth starting early. No matter what you’re planning, you cannot ask too many questions.

Along with administrative issues, it may be well worth while to invest some time in the cultural challenges you’ll face. You could organize some briefing and training to ensure that your staff knows exactly what to expect. At the same time, it’s probably worth considering gift giving, food and protocols. By the end of your planning you just need a firm plan of how to tackle each issue and not a 100% inflexible solution.

Transportation Issues

International travel will also pose some ground transportation issues, which in comparison to travel in the United States will require a more thorough approach. This is an area that we can offer some concrete assistance in: As a highly experienced limousine company, we can offer the best quality advice and service for worldwide travel. Exclusive Sedan can provide you with all that is required for successful, stress free international travel; call us today to see exactly what this means.

Posted on Feb 07 2014

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