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Keep Up with Your Podcasts While Traveling


limo service LA, sedan service LA, LA limoHow often do you listen to podcasts on your mobile device or computer? Many people find podcasts a useful way to get the latest information in their field. Podcasts are also a great way to stay entertained, with thousands of these free audio files being generated on a variety of topics. Whether you are listening to your favorite business gurus or updates on your particular industry or just want to unwind with some good stories, podcasts are a great way to stay engaged and entertained.

However, when you are traveling, you might need to make some adjustments in your podcast listening. For example, if you rely on Wi-Fi to access the Internet and service is not available while you’re in transit, you’ll want to plan ahead and download the latest episodes of your favorite podcasts before you head to the airport. You can store copies of podcast files on your laptop or tablet computer or keep them on your smartphone.

The original source for podcasts is Apple’s iTunes Store, of course (podcasts got their name from the iPods created by Apple). You can find podcasts from the Wall Street Journal, Mad Money with Jim Cramer of CNBC, for example, or the Harvard Business School, the Suze Orman Show or the Motley Fool. There are likely podcasts being generated in your particular niche as well. Apple’s free app for playing and downloading podcasts is called Podcasts (not surprising).

You can also get your podcasts by downloading them directly from the providers’ own websites, or use a third-party app, such as Stitcher.

If you are also a fan of listening to audiobooks during your travels and use, you should know that the company also offers a number of podcasts.

Bringing podcasts with you during your next trip will ensure that you can have timely and useful information at your fingertips while away from the home office. Instead of wasting time staring at an in-flight movie that you’re not really interested in viewing, you can fill your mind with news and information from your favorite podcasts.

Posted on Feb 27 2015

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