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Kick L.A. Congestion To the Curb


If you live in or are traveling to Los Angles, California in the near months you will want to take note of the new freedoms allowed to single passenger drivers. On I10 and I110 the HOV lanes will be converted to Express Lanes. Single passenger vehicles will be able to use the lanes for a small toll based on traffic volume. While many commuters still prefer to use their own car to get them to and from work or leisure activities, the expansion will allow these car owners to bypass congested traffic for a small fee. Others who are on business or visiting LA are encouraged to use local transportation or contract a transportation service such as Exclusive Sedan Service.

Exclusive Sedan Service offers competitive rates and superior vehicles for your business or pleasure needs. Corporate, specialty, and motion picture vehicles are available to be chauffeured either short or long term. If you need a luxury car to outfit your appearance, consider as one of your primary resources. They offer cars from Mercedes to Escalades to be chauffeured by one of their professional and polite drivers. These autos will get you where you need to go in a timely fashion with the assistance of the new express lanes being added to I10 and I110. Luxury limousines are available as well. Limos such as the Lincolns, Chrysler 300, Ford excursion, and even bus stretch limos are available.

With the convenience of the express lanes opening up around the LA area, taking advantage of a professional driver from Exclusive sedan is a sure win. They also offer specialty cars--whatever your transportation need, Exclusive Sedan has you covered. While focusing on the prestigious models of late model cars and limos, they can help you arrive to your destination in style. You won’t go unnoticed in any of their superior automobiles. Arriving in a classy style is their primary concern. Their vehicles are up to date on all maintenance issues so you won’t have to worry about the minor details. Focus on your business or leisure plans and be confident with a professional driver from Exclusive Sedan.

While many of their customers seem to prefer stretch limousines and late model vehicles, there are the unique few who may choose to set themselves apart from the rest of the crowd on a special occasion. For those individuals, Exclusive sedan offers several classic autos that are sure to gain interest. Taking your best friend to his bachelor party in style to Vegas is absolutely necessary. Give yourself a rest from the traffic related stress by acquiring a professional driver from Exclusive sedan.

Air travel is made private and secure with Exclusive sedan’s fleet of jets ranging from light to heavy duty loads. Typical jet charters range from a few hundred miles to international destinations. Round trip jet charters are available under $3K for a premium aircraft such as the Leer 40. Exclusive Sedan has the resources for air travel.

There are a wide variety of transportation modes available from Exclusive Sedan Service. The quality luxury autos offered to the customer are astonishing. The prices are competitive and business is seamless with the aid of online reservations. Call ahead at 800-400-SEDAN for reservations as well. Luxury autos at competitive rates are what they are all about.  Arrive on time with Exclusive and your transportation plans will flow faultlessly to get you where you want to go.

Posted on Mar 14 2011

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