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LA is more than just freeways...


Driving around Los Angeles can prove to be a challenging, but intriguing experience. Los Angeles is more than just freeways, it also has a number of bridges that help make the daily commute easier to handle. The bridges are shortcuts and major time savers for the LA traveler. We hope to give you some insight on some of the bridges locations and history so next time your in that area you not only save time on your drive, but recall some of the reasons that make Los Angeles so wonderful.

In total there are twenty-seven bridges that span the Los Angeles River between the San Fernando Valley and Long Beach. The City of Los Angeles alone has fourteen bridges, which were built between 1909 and 1938. These early bridges reflect the nationwide City Beautiful Movement of the time. The bridge styles vary and are either highly ornamentalor classic in design(Macy Street/Cesar Chavez, Olympic Boulevard). To see a o simpler, design period one could visit Fourth Street or First Street. The most modern are the Glendale and Hyperion, Sixth Street. In order to help preserve these bridges, and in recognition of the bridges’ collective importance,  the city’s Cultural Heritage Commission self-nominated and unaninimously decided that  thirteen bridges were city landmarks, known in Los Angeles as Historic-Cultural Monuments.

To give you an idea of the size they can reach take a look at the Vincent Thomas Bridge. It opened in 1963 and cost $21 million dollars to build. The length of the bridge is 6.050 feet. Before this bridge Terminal Island had to be reached via a ferry from San Pedro. It has been said that Boys were known to swim across the channel to the island in order to avoid paying the five-cent fare. They would entrust their clothes to one of their number who actually boarded the ferry. It is named after Vincent Thomas, former California Assemblyman, Democrat, 52nd District, San Pedro. Thomas

Next time you are driving around Los Angeles, or you have one of our chauffeurs leading the way take some time to look out the window and at the monumental beauty around you.

Posted on Oct 21 2011

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