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LCT Magazine Visits Exclusive Sedan Service Headquarters!


Recently, LCT senior editor Tim Crowley visited Exclusive Sedan's headquarters in Los Angeles, and wrote on the LCT blog, Exclusive Sedan Service Exceeds Expectations.

During Tim's time spent with the staff from Exclusive Sedan, he had a first hand view of what drives Exclusive Sedan's extraordinary service:  its people.

Whether you are making a reservation for an airport transfer or arranging transportation for a group or meeting, at Exclusive Sedan Service Worldwide, every point of contact from reservations to the actual ride, and beyond to the follow up customer service, is extraordinary.

Since 1980, Exclusive Sedan has been providing customers with service that goes beyond the ordinary, and exceeds any expectations.

Thanks for the visit, Tim, and feel free to come back anytime!

You can see Tim's article on LCT's blog here.

LCT senior editor Tim Crowley, and the team at Exclusive Sedan Service, from left to right: Wes Travis, operations manager; Ron Stein, ceo; Sandy Sigala, lead reservations; Nelly Paar, billing manager; Suzie Reyes, global sourcing manager; Dan Stein, VP of global sales and events; Maureen Kostin, accounting manager; Chris Hammer, lead dispatch.


Posted on May 17 2013

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