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Looking to Stay Healthy This Summer While Traveling? Here’s How.


There’s lots of fun to be had in summer, and that obviously includes outdoor BBQ sessions, tons of cool parties and the occasional getaway. However, you’ll want to keep in mind that staying outdoors under the hot sun does come with risks, and that can include sunburns, dehydration, and other heat-related issues. Summer has barely started, so you wouldn’t want to fall sick while traveling and miss out on all the amazing opportunities for fun out there, right?

In fact, we’ll love for you to enjoy the coolness of our perfectly air-conditioned vehicles when you choose our LA limo service this summer. We understand just how hot things can get, especially when getting into a vehicle that’s been parked under the scorching sun for hours. Come enjoy a cool ride (literally!) with us today and allow our reliable chauffeurs to serve you from A to Z. In fact, we’ve got more ideas for you to stay cool and healthy this summer, so just take a look: 

Drink Plenty of Water

Not only is drinking enough water imperative in the summer, but it’s also a habit that everyone should cultivate daily for life. Of course, one practical way to go about this is to carry a water bottle around wherever you go. However, we do understand that this is a “bulky” solution, so these days, you can also invest in collapsible bottles that can be packed away easily in your pocket!

The recommended 64 ounces daily (or eight cups) is the least for adults, but if you foresee yourself sweating more, you’ll need to increase your water intake. Summer travels is only fun if you’re not feeling faint or exhausted from dehydration, so do remember to pile on the liquids.

Dress Appropriately

You’ll know you’re wearing the wrong clothes for summer when your body starts to heat up unbearably underneath. Without being said, light and breathable material are summer’s top choices, and they include fabrics such as cotton and linen and newer materials that help to wick sweat away more effectively.

When traveling outdoors, you’ll also want to avoid wearing dark colors as it will automatically increase heat absorption. Instead, stick to lighter colors and even looser clothing to allow hot air to escape more efficiently. If your skin has a tendency to burn more easily (even with sunscreen), you’ll want to ensure that less bare skin is left exposed under the sun. 

Sunscreen and More Sunscreen

It doesn’t matter how much sunscreen you’re slathering onto your bare skin if you forget to reapply after. Even if the product guarantees a certain number of hours of protection, you’ll still need to keep in mind that sweating and getting into the water means you’ll need to reapply your sunscreen more frequently. When traveling under the hot sun, this is one tip you won’t want to forgo.

Boost Your Energy with Supplements and Nutrients

Our bodies can always use an immunity boost on the go, and one quick way to do it is to load up on Vitamin C. An easy solution would be to bring along some supplements when traveling and take them daily. It’s entirely possible that you’ll be exposed to sick people and germs, especially in crowded and enclosed spaces, so why take the risk and ruin your summer? 

Juices and smoothies are also a good way to stay hydrated healthily if you’re not entirely satisfied with H2O. For plenty of antioxidants that help prevent damage to tissues, there’s plenty of berries for you to indulge in this summer. However, if you’re not a berry fan, there’s still plenty of other fruit and vegetable options that are sure to go down a treat.

Opt for healthier BBQ Options

It’s a false belief that a lack of BBQ sauce will render the meal tasteless. Since outdoor BBQs are an essential part of enjoying summer, you can achieve healthier serving options by choosing to grill your ingredients without sauces instead. Of course, if you’re still partial to having some form of seasoning, you can always check out some other healthier options.

Other great ingredients for grilling are fruits, vegetables, and mushrooms. Healthy and popular choices include corn, eggplant, bananas, and pineapples, but there are definitely more options for you to explore as long as you’re willing to expand your palette. 

Don’t Skip Breakfast

You’ve probably heard it so many times: the first meal of the day is important. This is especially true when traveling during the summer where breakfast is crucial in boosting your energy levels and ensuring that you won’t end up feeling faint or exhausted when under the sun for long hours.

For your first meal, you’ll want to maintain a healthy balance of fiber, protein and healthy fats, so avoid processed foods and sugars. Even if you’re not into the idea of solid foods for breakfast, you can still fill your stomach with a healthy and refreshing juice or smoothie.

Don’t Forget to Exercise 

Not only is it always healthy to exercise regularly (no matter the season), it’s even more important to exercise correctly. After all, you wouldn’t want to set your fitness level back by weeks and months by injuring yourself, right? When we exercise correctly, we’ll also be able to reap the full benefits from it.  

Since it’s important to stay cool and hydrated while exercising, water activities are at the top of the list in summer. However, if you’re not into swimming or getting wet, you can still benefit from precooling techniques such as downing a slushie before exercising or draping a wet towel around your neck to cool your body down more effectively.

Avoid Alcoholic Drinks

Unless you’re pregnant or abstaining from alcohol for health reasons, you can always choose to drink. With that being said though, you’ll also want to drink responsibly as consuming alcohol in hot weather actually further depletes our water stores and worsens dehydration. When traveling in summer, you might even want to consider cutting out all hard alcohol and switching to lighter alcoholic beverages.

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Posted on Jul 09 2019

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