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Meditation Techniques for Your Morning Commute


Are you really aware of the actual amount of stress you’re dealing with at work? Are you unable to stop thinking about work once you leave the office? Many businesspeople are confronted with the same problem in their professional lives. They fail to fight the inherent stress that comes along with a fast-paced, challenging job in the business world.

But when can you fight the stress in the middle of a work week? The answer is simple: while taking the morning commute. During this period, you can choose to meditate, even for a few minutes. If you happen to have a chauffeured car service to transport you daily to work, even better. Here are some ideas how to relax during your commute.


Audible Books

The first suggestion is to acquire some great books on tape. Just let your chauffeur worry about the traffic and mentally transport yourself into the world depicted by the book you're reading. Audible books are great car-ride alternatives to regular books because you don’t have to stress your eyes or test your equilibrium trying to concentrate on reading while being in a moving car. Don't know where to find the perfect supply of audible books? We recommend, where you can find hundreds of thousands of book titles.


Chair Yoga

This activity is not only for senior citizens. Nowadays, it increases in popularity among executives who don’t have the actual time to practice genuine yoga. This represents the perfect meditation technique for a businessperson while being on a morning commute. This exercise won't leave you exhausted, so don't worry about sweating too much before attending a big meeting. The chair yoga involves only simple stretches and moves that will help you center your energies, destressing your muscles and making you feel revigorated.


Breathing Exercises

If you don't like the suggestions mentioned above, why don't you try to do some breathing exercises while being in the back of your car service vehicle?

The first stage of these breathing exercises involves clearing your mind of all thoughts and concerns. We know that this is a pretty hard thing to do. But you can't successfully meditate if you fail to unburden yourself of all the anxieties you’re experiencing. Therefore, if you've started your day rushing and feeling out of breath, just breathe deeply and evenly once you’re in your chauffeured vehicle. The exercise involves assuming a comfortable position, closing your eyes only if you consider it to be helpful and concentrate on a specific breathing pattern. You should choose the one that suits you. You will arrive at work relaxed and full of productive energy.

Meditating before work is a piece of cake once you put Sedan Service LA in charge of your commute. They will deal with the traffic, leaving you to focus on getting your job done to perfection. You'll soon see positive changes in your job performance and mood throughout the day.

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Posted on Aug 02 2016

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