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Metro Art


If you’re in LA and travel using the Metro System you’re in for a great community treat. Since 1989 the Metro’s Art Department has commissioned over 300 artists to do a variety of transportation projects in LA. The metro station and the like are home to artwork about local culture, architectural wonders and movies alike. Not only do metro customers get to see the various artworks on their daily commute, there are also tours led by trained Metro Docent Council volunteers as well for groups. The tour group leaders will tell you about the artists, how the art was created and the community purpose each one represents.

This program is unique in its design and adds to the flavor only Los Angles has. The types of art you will see on your excursion stretch from murals, paintings, free-standing sculpture, digitized changing photographs, mosaic creations, neon sculptures and even life like figures. For the art lover there is no other experience like it. An example of what you can expect to see is the Union Station: "LA: City of Angels" design. Cynthia Carlson created a mural that depicts the founding of Los Angeles and corresponding angels for each founding family. The Westlake/MacArthur Park Station: "El Sol/La Luna" station features a ceramic tile mural by artist Francisco Letelier’s. The images reflect the dynamic community of MacArthur Park and reference its most recognized landmarks.

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Posted on Mar 22 2012

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