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More Than BBQs...Exclusive Sedan Service Remembers Our Fallen Soldiers


As we head into the Memorial Day weekend, Exclusive Sedan Service pauses to remember and thank our many veterans of war, those who fought bravely for freedom.

Forget me not.

© 2001 Bill Chance

Remember rockets red glare

bombs bursting in air

gave threw the night that our flag is still there.

Our forefathers reminder of a price to be paid and responsibility to inherit the United States.

Rockets red glare bombs bursting in air

Words fallen on ears unwilling to hear.

deaf no more we all know now the price of freedom the price of war.

Freeborn children listen and see a new generation paying for you and me

Don't be so blind or so deaf to the sights and sounds Americans have left,

Let freedom scream in our ears and minds never forget those left behind.

Freeborn children stand tall and see! does the banner old glory yet wave for thee

God bless America.


Posted on May 24 2013

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