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Must-Have Accessories for Business Trips


Traveling for business often includes packing some necessary accessories that will make your trip and your business meetings run without a hitch. You can’t always predict hiccups, such as traffic delays, lost luggage, or a laptop malfunction. One thing you certainly can do is make sure you have comfortable and reliable ground transportation lined up with Los Angeles limo service to get you where you need to be on time. Here are some essential accessories you should plan on bringing with you.


Mobil Charging Devices

You need to have your phone, laptop, or tablet charged at all times. It would be a disaster if you missed an important business call or email because you hadn’t charged your cell phone. You also want to have that phone charged in case your sedan car service chauffeur needs to contact you. The same goes for your computer equipment. You may have to refer to stored documents and data during a meeting or presentation. If that meeting is in café, there might not be a power source to plug into. A multi-purpose charging station that you can plug in at your hotel room is a wise thing to pack to keep things juiced.


USB Drive

Be prepared by backing up your meeting notes and presentation materials on a portable flash drive. What if your laptop crashes? You will need to be able to plug a drive into a borrowed laptop, or even a new one to recover the data quickly. Remember that your home office may very well be in a different time zone and not able to email you copies of your data at unusual hours.


A Collapsible Umbrella

There is nothing more annoying than having freshly pressed business attire on and you are suddenly in a downpour. You want to look good for your meeting or event. Having a small umbrella that you can toss in your briefcase or purse is really smart for making a good impression.


Business Cards

Always have some extra business cards in your wallet or card case. The people you are doing business will want all of your contact information. Business cards are the easiest way to give that to them. Be sure to get the same from your hosts and have a place to keep them.


Secure Carry-On Bag

Assuming you are traveling by plane, a secure bag for under the seat or the over-head bin is necessary for your electronics, essential toiletries, and perhaps a change of clothing. You don’t want to risk the chance that your checked bag ends up in Dubai when you are on your way to Los Angeles. And, make sure you also have a credit card and some cash in there for emergency replacement items if your luggage is lost.

Always be prepared for a business trip by bringing the right accessories. Type up a list of must-haves and keep it with your favorite carry-on bag so you can refer to it before each trip.

Posted on Feb 08 2017

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