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Natural Ways to Get More Energy for Your Business Trip


Business travel can be tiring for even the most energetic youngster. For most it’s exhausting; you’ve got to juggle many competing issues, adjust to flight delays and last minute changes. If you find business travel daunting this post brings you some simple, healthy and easy ways to boost you energy levels.

Cleanliness is next to godliness

It’s surprising how reinvigorating being clean is. If you have the chance to freshen up after a long flight, take it. Even if you’re pushed for time and facilities, a disposable facial wipe can still work wonders. Some in the military, who’re presumably pretty tired, say that a fresh pair of socks and cleaning your teeth is as good as a night in a warm bed. This might be overstating things but it will always pay to keep a spare pair of socks in your travel bag.

If you’re tired it may be compounded by mental inactivity after travel. You can quickly remedy this by calling someone you know will be fun to talk to. Similarly, physical inactivity after a long day on the road can add an artificial layer of fatigue that a walking or hitting the gym can blast out.

Long term factors

As well as short term ‘quick fixes’ veteran road warriors need to adopt long term healthy routines. This is about the right combination of rest, exercise, nourishment and avoiding doing unhealthy things along with all your business tasks. Perhaps a ‘campaign attitude’ will be required, you’re going to be doing this a lot and must stay healthy rather than thinking it is a one off and you can let everything slide.

A healthy diet will help to boost energy levels. It can be a challenge to eat well on the go but it has certainly got easier in recent years. You’ll find most airports have healthy outlets stocking quality fresh products. Some find it helpful to take a small supply of healthy snacks to avoid temptation from kicking in.

Something that most of us could do, that costs nothing and that requires no real change to our lifestyle to have a healthy pay off is to drink more water. Also helpful is steering clear of too much coffee and alcohol. How much is too much? This is a difficult question to answer; much more than you usually have is probably a good compromise answer.

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Posted on Dec 04 2013

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