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New Changes to Airlines for 2015's Travelers


limo service LA, LA limo, los angeles limoAs the new year rings in, some may be wondering how air travel should be changing throughout 2015. While there have been several major travel industry disruptions, the prior year passed mostly without incident. Here are a few things that the savvy business and pleasure traveler should be aware of.

"Skip lagging" will probably become more common.

Skip lagging is a term coined by the website of the same name which describes booking a flight and then getting off at the layover. For instance, you might book a flight from Los Angeles through Dallas to New York and then get off at Dallas. Why? Because the costs are usually substantially cheaper. For whatever reason, airlines often price tickets like this at less of a cost than a direct flight. And now that the secret is out, more people may do this.

Smaller airlines are rising up.

While there was a monopoly there for a while, many smaller airlines such as Norwegia and La Compagnie are starting as investors get more money to challenge the big airlines. Smaller airlines may see more "boutique" air travel, which may be limited to specific routes yet more comfortable overall.

New airplanes will be coming to the market.

A few new plane designs with an emphasis on both fuel economy and passenger comfort are coming out, and this may improve not only the comfort level of flying but also the cost overall. As many know, though fuel costs have dropped in recent years, plane tickets have not. Changing the fuel economy of the planes themselves may be what is needed to see a reduction in overall flying cost.

More luxury options are available. 

Some planes are going the luxury route, under which selling a single $10,000 ticket is more valuable than selling a multitude of ordinary tickets. This may not mean much for those who aren't millionaires, but people can always save up their miles.

Apart from the above, travelers should always be on the look out for new start ups and opportunities that could save them money. The travel industry is most definitely an industry constantly primed for disruption, especially because air travel costs have continually risen over the past decade.

Posted on Jan 07 2015

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