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Operator Tips for Keeping Your Car’s Interior “Showroom Fresh”


car interiorThere are few things better than the fresh look and smell associated with a brand new vehicle. While driving away from the dealership, you make a promise that you will do everything possible to keep the interior and exterior showroom fresh. However, life happens and before long, you are dealing with a mess, as well as foul odors.

Almost Like New

Although there is an expense involved, one of the best ways to keep your vehicle showroom fresh is by having it professionally detailed. If you do this on a regular basis and utilize the same individual or company, you could negotiate a lower price. Something else to consider is that detailers offer different packages, so to reduce the cost, you can choose something other than full service.

  • Chassis and Wheels—The detailer cleans the chassis and undercarriage of the vehicle, as well as inside the wheel well and major suspension components.

  • Lights and Exterior Trim—In many cases, the detailer applies a type of polishing compound to any headlamps and tail lamps showing oxidation. In addition, chrome, vinyl, or plastic trim has protectant applied, along with other rubbers and plastics on the vehicle.

  • Interior—At a minimum, the detailer will vacuum and shampoo the interior carpet, as well as cleaning and dressing any vinyl, plastic, and/or leather surfaces.

  • Engine—With the full package, the detailer cleans the engine bay. For this, the detailer sprays on a light mist of water, followed by cleaning with an appropriate degreaser prior to the final rinse. When dry, all rubber, vinyl, and silicone components are properly dressed to prevent cracking.

Things You Can Do

To maintain showroom freshness, there are things that you can do as well. Because foul smells typically come from carpeting, cloth seats, and floor mats, these need the most attention. If the mats are severely dirty and have a foul odor, replace them. As for the carpet and seats, vacuum the vehicle thoroughly and then shampoo. Depending on how dirty the car is, you may need to go over surfaces several times.

The door panels will need careful cleaning. Spend time with the right product and a soft brush on the main surface, as well as nooks and crannies. Once the interior of your car is clean, you should apply protectant. Among the many products available, one called “Eagle One” is superior. More of a lotion, this product adds a layer of protection to your newly cleaned vehicle, so the showroom freshness lasts longer.

Professional Ground Transportation

To reduce the amount of dirt and debris that gets into your vehicle, you can always hire a chauffeur. In addition to being more cost-efficient than people think, a chauffeur-driven limo is a safe and enjoyable form of ground transportation.

Posted on Nov 13 2015

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