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Mother's Day Events in Los Angeles

Posted on May 6th 2011

Want to find something other than brunch to do with mom for Mother's Day?  Here are some ideas of some great local events happening in the Los Angeles area.  Of course, Exclusive Sedan can get you and mom there without the hassle of LA traffic.  Just give us a call! Mother's Day...

7 Deadly Sins of Small Meetings

Posted on Apr 29th 2011

Many times, leadership retreats and business meetings seem like an ordeal, rather than the revitalizing, decision-making events they were intended to be. People go because they have no choice, the experience turns out to be a non-event, and everyone has an impulse to cheer when it ends....

How to Save Money on Gas

Posted on Apr 8th 2011

Just when we thought there was going to be a reprieve in the cost of gasoline, gas prices once again have begun to soar. With the operating cost of vehicles continually on the rise, what’s a consumer to do? Believe it or not, there is a ray of hope. By following a few savvy tips, you...

10 Tips for Greener Travel

Posted on Apr 1st 2011

Many of us recycle and conserve water to help the environment, but when we travel our sustainability, practices are forgotten. With a few considerations, we can enjoy our trips while keeping our impact on the environment to a minimum. Before you leave for your trip, turn everything...

Kick L.A. Congestion To the Curb

Posted on Mar 14th 2011

If you live in or are traveling to Los Angles, California in the near months you will want to take note of the new freedoms allowed to single passenger drivers. On I10 and I110 the HOV lanes will be converted to Express Lanes. Single passenger vehicles will be able to use the lanes for a...