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How to Pick a Hotel for Your Corporate Travel Needs


We know that picking the right hotel for corporate travel needs is quite a challenge. For those who want to create a long-term partnership or to reserve a large number of rooms for significant events, we recommend they investigate beyond the hotel's website or online reviews.

The preferences and the needs are surely not the same among the frequent traveling businesspeople. It is not enough to verify the hotel's location and if it's convenient according to your schedule. Therefore, before booking somewhere, you should pay attention to the following criteria:



The first step is to discover which detail matters most regarding the potential accommodation. Do you need it to be close to an early-morning meeting location? Or having access to a modern 24/7 fitness center is worth a longer chauffeured transportation ride? So, first of all, you should identify your priorities and only afterward start your search.



Corporate travel managers tend to create and maintain long-lasting relationships with major hotel chains for two reasons. First of all, because signing with Hilton, Hyatt or Marriott means that travelers receive the same excellent experience whether they’re in L.A. or Hong Kong. Secondly, being a loyal client means having access to exclusive offers and savings.


-Uniformity regarding the services provided by various branches

-The possibility to gain points and free stays, in your home country and worldwide

-An easy way to book a room accessing a centralized booking portal


-Lacking any variation regarding your stay experience can be quite boring for executives who frequently stay there

-The prices can be higher than those offered by other independent hotels, even with the loyalty savings included


You will be happy to know that all the main hotel rates engines allow you to view search returns on the map. Moreover, Expedia and give you the possibility to search for proximity to points of interest or different settings.



Amenities are an essential aspect that can make a guest happy but also significantly affect the price. Keeping in mind the inclinations of the businesspeople you represent, ask the hotels about having business equipment in the rooms, a gym, if they provide room service or if they offer the possibility to dine on site or close by. If your executives’ stay is a long one, laundry services or dry cleaning are essential. Equally important, depending if the trip is a domestic or an international one, is that the hotel has an English-speaking concierge.



The savings gained through corporate loyalty programs can be notable, especially if your company has a wide variety of staff who have to travel for business reasons. It's also wise to verify if the hotel chain associates with your frequent flyer program to earn additional savings on airfare. US News Travel can give you some tips on how to research and compare rewards programs offered by major hotel chains. There might be only minimal variation between the rewards programs provided by major airlines, but travel writer Julie Weed says that there are significant differences between hotel rewards programs. Therefore, you should always verify the difference.



Business travel has a significant influence on our planet's climate so, as a consequence, many corporate travel managers have been asked to find ways to reduce their company’s ecological footprint. As a result, some hotels sustain green practices, starting from allowing travelers on extended stays to use sheets for multiple nights and continuing with using earth-friendly light bulbs. The locations are usually registered members of Green Globe and the Green Hotels Association. You can find further information on members and criteria on the organization’s websites.

The main idea while interviewing hotel chains is to, first of all, find out which criteria are decisive for the respective executives and only afterward identify the providers that can best meet all those needs.

Booking a ground transportation company is also an important task. You must choose the provider that upholds specific standards.

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Posted on Oct 25 2016

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