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Planning for Your Thanksgiving Travels


Since the holiday season is almost here, we bet that everyone will be busy shopping, visiting family and friends and inherently, traveling a lot. As far as traveling is involved, we advise you to plan it way ahead to avoid last-minute complications that can ruin your holiday. We're sure that each of us has experienced at some point a situation when things went wrong or something came up at the last minute, during this period of the year.

Since LAX seems to be the busiest airport in the continental United States, it's quite difficult for all things to go smoothly during the holidays. We know that there are a lot of things to take into consideration and try to plan. Before you start to organize your Thanksgiving travel, read the following tips if you want to make your trip uneventful and fun:



Whether you're awaiting the visit of your loved ones from out of town or you are the one who travels to another place, it is essential to establish beforehand how you will get around in the city. It might appear an easy thing to do (pick your guests up from the airport or rent a car once you arrive at your pre-established destination), but it's not. Any major city involves some pretty stressful traffic, especially around the holidays. And, when you think about having to deal with airports, train stations, and other similar locations, things tend to complicate even more.

The idea of renting a car in advance is indeed a smart one, relieving you of this stress once you arrive at your destination. But choosing a car service like Exclusive Sedan is the perfect choice if you want to both eliminate the stress of dealing with a rental and have a comfortable, luxurious and safe trip.

Things become way easier when a chauffeur (who knows very well the area) and a luxury sedan or SUV are waiting to pick you up or your loved ones from the airport and be at your disposal. You'll be able to avoid the stress of parking, paying the rental fees, worrying about kind of vehicle you'll get and not knowing how to get around. This is also a nice gesture, showing your family and friends know how much you care.



The aspect of having enough room to accommodate guests is crucial when it comes to planning any holiday. We recommend you precisely establish how many persons you can accommodate in your home and, if necessary, find a conveniently located and comfortable place. Living in crowded conditions or feeling obligated to have your guests stay with you might make your holiday a miserable one. Therefore, it is best to plan this details before they arrive in town.

Booking in advance a great nearby hotel isn't enough; you have to find a trustworthy Sedan Service to drive people to and from the airport but also to and from the hotel as well. These two aspects go hand in hand.



When preparing to travel for the holidays, try to pack your luggage intelligently and lightly. It's important to take with you items that can keep you occupied and increase your comfort on a long distance flight. Do not forget to fully charge any devices before leaving and, if possible, take a portable recharge kit on the plane. Also, it is wise to put some snacks in your carry-on in case someone gets hungry during the flight and take a light jacket with you in case you're feeling cold on the plane. Every person that has to fly somewhere and takes some specific medication must make sure that they are on hand during the flight. You must also carefully place in your carry-on bag any tickets, the itinerary or any other essential documents.

Frankly, there is no chance of a stress-free trip during the holiday season. However, you can reduce the stress significantly by always thinking ahead, meticulously planning and booking reliable and safe transportation.

We guarantee that, if you choose Exclusive Sedan Service, you can count on us to exceed all your expectations thanks to our professional, highly-qualified and punctual chauffeurs. We assure you that your safety will be our top priority and that all our vehicles are clean, safe, comfortable and highly equipped.

Just call us today and experience a hassle-free, comfortable and safe ride with the best Sedan service in LA.

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Posted on Nov 01 2016

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