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Quick Travel Packing Tips from the Pros at Exclusive Sedan


Packing your carry-on bag for an upcoming flight takes much forethought and planning. Many new rules are abounding that make this a challenging task for the light packing traveler. If you are careful on what you pack and how you pack the trip through airport security will be a breeze and you will have a stress free start as you embark on your journey. What do you need to keep in mind?

  • If you are packing any toiletries and liquids they must be in travel-sized bottles. If there are more than 3.4 ounces in the contain they can be confiscated. Also, all your containers must fit into a quart-sized clear resealable baggie. Remember your 3 (3 ounces or smaller)-1(1 quart size bag)-1(one bag per traveler) rule next time your packing.
  • If you have any electronic items they should be packed carefully and be easily accessible. Laptop computers must be removed from the bag, or the bag must zip in half between the other contents and that to quickly go through security checks. If you have a camera with undeveloped film take note that it could be damaged during checked baggage screening and should only be put in a carry-on.
  • If you are bringing gifts with you in your carry-on make sure they are unwrapped in case they need to be checked by TSA officials.

Of course, the best travel tip of all is to make sure you book your transportation to and from the airport with Exclusive Sedan Service.  Our limo service will get you to your flight on time and with no stress!


Posted on Jan 13 2012

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