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Secret Streets That Show a Very Different Los Angeles


We know that L.A. is filled with freeways and heavily trafficked boulevards, but there are also some hidden streets that await to be discovered. It doesn't mean that these are back roads or alternate routes used during rush hour. These are in fact roads which relate to the city’s history and architecture or the streets across international neighborhoods. Here are some examples.


Chung King Road, Chinatown

Chung King Road in Chinatown is an undiscovered beauty packed with various galleries from promising downtown L.A. artists. It's because of them that this historic neighborhood is back in the spotlight. During the day this area is pretty quiet, but this street comes to life on some Saturday nights when you can wander through various galleries like Charlie James, Fifth Floor Gallery, Coagula Curatorial. While being here, visit Chinatown’s trendy restaurants like Pok Pok, Burgerlords, RamenChamp or Chego.


Mercado Olympic, Downtown LA

The part of Olympic Boulevard that's just west of Central Avenue, also known as the Piñata District, converts on Saturdays and Sundays to what is fondly called as Mercado Olympic. The visitors are mainly Latino families and Mexican street food fans that want to savor some authentic meals. You can find funky huitlacoche, exquisitely braided Oaxaca cheese or freshly fried churros dusted with sugar. You also have the chance to buy certain goods and spices so that you can bring the flavor of L.A. back home.


Carroll Avenue, Angelino Heights

On the easternmost part of Echo Park you can discover Angelino Heights, one of the city’s oldest neighborhoods, only slightly surpassed by Bunker Hill. The houses, which still keep the Victorian Era, Queen Anne and Eastlake influences, have been presented in numerous movies. The highest concentration is built along Carroll Avenue. You will be pleased to know that L.A. Conservancy conducts walking tours through Angelino Heights, giving you also access to two private interior home tours.


Broadway Theatre District, Downtown LA

Did you know that downtown L.A.’s Broadway Theatre District was, in fact, the hot spot of the industry before World War II and not Hollywood? You can find it between 3rd and 9th Streets, on South Broadway. It is known to be the largest theater district registered with the National Register of Historic Places, having 12 architecturally important movie theaters built during the 1910-1931 period. Only a few of them still function. L.A. Conservancy also provides walking tours through this neighborhood.


Sawtelle Avenue, Sawtelle Japantown

Previously known as Little Osaka, Sawtelle Japantown is a historic West L.A. area where Japanese immigrants first settled in the early 1900s. They used to cultivate barley and celery in wide open fields. Most of the people living in this area were sent by the U.S. government to Manzanar and other confinement camps during World War II period but brought back afterward. They represent the basis for the population that exists today. The neighborhood's streets are packed with stylish eateries, bars, boba shops and plenty of boutiques.


Sushi Row, The Valley

Many pretentious L.A. inhabitants don't even think of adventuring themselves to the Valley, let alone staying for dinner. But they can't imagine what they're missing, namely the  Sushi Row along the iconic Ventura Boulevard. Inhabitants of the San Francisco Valley began to savor fresh fish for dinner in the 1980s. It represented the first place outside of Japan where people could enjoy this delicacy. We think that it worths the long journey to visit places such as Asanebo and Sushi Iki.


6th Street, Downtown LA

6th Street is used as an alternate route during rush hour but for those who visit it from out of town isn’t nearly as famous as Hollywood, Wilshire Boulevards or Sepulveda.  Did you know that this wide east-to-west street can take you all the way from LACMA to Downtown, passing through communities that personify the diversity of L.A.? On your way, you will discover the Hancock Park’s oak-lined streets and magnificent homes, the Koreatown’s kinetic karaoke joints and nightlife and the popular cocktail bars from Downtown’s Historic Core.


Wonder View Drive, Hollywood Reservoir

At the end of the Wonder View Drive, you can find one of the city’s lesser-used walking trails around the Hollywood Reservoir. The artificially created lake, designed by William Mulholland, is enclosed by oak, pine, agave, eucalyptus, sage, by some indigenous wildlife as well as impressive Hollywood homes and a local winery. From here, you can perfectly admire the Hollywood sign and not deal with the highly-trafficked hike from Griffith Park.


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Posted on Aug 09 2016

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