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Singapore Airlines' "Suites Class" May Set the Bar for Luxury Travel


limo service LA, LA limo, limousine service LA, sedan service LASingapore Airlines is known to be one of the best airlines in the industry -- often topping charts for customer satisfaction and timeliness. The "Suites Class" is their luxury travel option, which is something that has to be seen to be believed. A ticket on the "Suites Class" nears $20,000 but there is nothing similar throughout any of the other airlines.

The "Suites Class" offers fliers their own personal cabin, in which is placed a flat screen television and a large bed. It's essentially a flying hotel, with some turbulence potentially provided. Boarding takes place separately, ensuring that you don't need to wait, and, of course, the attendants are at hand to take care of your every wish.

Suites Class also goes beyond the flight itself. The Suites Class tickets come with a private room to relax in, champagne and some special items to take home. But there are more than just a few Suites Class rooms aboard each plane -- in fact, the Suites Class hall contains nearly a dozen such rooms, each of which takes up the footprint of perhaps six first class seats. So you can see that luxury travel, provided that the seats are filled, may be quite profitable for some airlines.

Luxury food and Givenchy clothing is provided, in addition to newspapers, magazines and other entertainment. But, given the $20,000 ticket expense, it's understandable! Interestingly, frequent flyer miles can also be used for this type of ticket -- for those who want to experience it but don't have the cash at hand.

Of course, if you're interested in luxury travel, you may be better off simply splurging on the hotel room and chauffeured car service --  rather than a flight that is the same price as a new car. The flight, after all, only takes a few hours.

Posted on Oct 03 2014

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