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Spooky Los Angeles...No We're Not Talking Plastic Surgery Don'ts...


You want something unique and interesting to do here in Los Angeles this October….especially something on the spookier side of the spectrum?  Whether you're planning a meeting in the Los Angeles area and want some unique and interesting outings, visiting Los Angeles, or a Los Angeles area resident looking for a bit of spooky fun, there is something in this city for everyone. The Autumn season is a great time to explore your curious, creative and wild side.

Greystone Manor

One of the most famous “old” houses in LA and with that distinction come the spooky legends behind it. An alleged murder/suicide took place in this 55-room Beverly Hills manor in 1928, taking the life of its owner Ned Doheny and his assistant Hugh Plunkett. The latter was supposedly found with a pistol in his dead hands. The case was closed but the mystery and suppositions continue. The mansion has been known to host “fright nights” and other events for different occasions.

Houdini's Ghost at His Widow's Mansion

The so-called “Houdini Mansion” at 2435 Laurel Canyon Blvd. by Lookout Mountain (technically the remains of the burnt down manor) is said to be the site of his famous spirit’s annual reappearance. As legend has it, famed escape artist Harry Houdini told his wife that he would return to the home and make a special appearance to end all special appearances. So every year on Halloween, some faithful fans and the curious gather around the property to pay homage to the legend...and maybe even catch a glimpse of the elusive escapist. The problem is, quite a few have gotten the address wrong apparently mistaking the chauffeur’s quarters (at 2400 Laurel Canyon Blvd.) for the main house.

Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

LA is home to some of the most glamorous haunted sites in the country. Case in point: the trendy Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. Supposedly, some Marilyn Monroe look-alikes were taunted and haunted by a spirit in the basement of the hotel when they tried to use a mirror that once belonged to the legendary blonde bombshell. These days, the Roosevelt has been known to host special Halloween events during which it is cosmetically transformed into the haunted hotel that we all know it truly is.

This is just a smathering of some of the things to do this spooky time of year. Visit to keep up with the need to know spookalicious activites.



Posted on Sep 30 2011

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