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Spring Travel Tips: Preparing For the Worse, Hoping for the Best


limo service, sedan service , spring travel tipsExclusive Sedan Service wants you to know about changes that will affect your travel starting in April (although there have been reports of it already affecting many travelers, especially in customs lines). We can get you to the airport on time, but you need to be prepared for what may happen when the federal spending cuts of $85 billion go into effect. The result will be lengthier delays due to furloughs. Add to that longer security lines at airports across the country and waiting may become the name of the plane game. The directors in charge of aviation in the United States are opting to plan for the very worse, while continuing to hope for the best.

According to Ray LaHood, the Secretary of Transportation, flights at the most hectic airports may see delays of as much as 90 minutes. The 10% reduction in furloughs may also do away with midnight shifts at many more diminutive airports and result in the closure of towers of several of the smallest ones.

The effect of budget cuts on security has also been remarked upon by the Homeland Security Secretary. Janet Napolitano states the potential is there for stretching out the security time waits even further – maybe as long as an hour. If you already are waiting two hours to pass through Customs, come ready to wait up to four.

In case Congress and Obama cannot arrive at a compromise, Boston’s Logan International Airport will activate its emergency plan. If planes are delayed, the passengers can be returned to the terminal. If the gates are full and quickly become clogged with too many arriving planes, arrangements are being put into place to move them over to another terminal. There they can recover their luggage before being sent off to their rides and to their hotels or back home.

To keep the situation inside under control, volunteers are in place to answer questions for those already waiting in lines. In addition, the different concessionaires will remain open longer to attend to the needs of travelers. In extreme cases, the airport will supply you with a cot – they have 700 ready for such emergencies, upon which to rest. In a further attempt to reduce any discomfort, according to Freni, are blankets, water and food.

Airport general managers in Atlanta, Oakland and Philadelphia are also preparing plans to deal with this potential crisis. The closure of runways is one option under consideration in Atlanta. Eliminating the midnight runs to Chicago's Midway and Reno, Nevada is still another of several other possibilities. Shutting down towers at smaller airports will be inconvenient. While, theoretically, it will not cause traffic to cease, it does impede the overall efficiency of the airports. This is particularly applicable when weather is bad.

However, in airports across the United States, small and large, the goal is to ensure the impact is as minimal as possible. All general managers want to make certain passengers experience safe, secure travel while making sure the planes fly on time. At Exclusive Sedan Service, we can at least ensure your arrival and departure at the airport (and anywhere else) is right on time, and that your travel with us is as comfortable as can be.  Give us a call today to book your sedan service or limousine service reservations

Posted on Mar 22 2013

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