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Staying Fit On The Road


When you’re traveling for business, on vacation or away for a weekend it’s too easy to eat full meals at restaurants and drink too much of the wrong things. If you are keen on maintaining a healthy and fit body you need to come to a compromise; balancing the demands of travel with you own health. This post gives you a few tips about how to get this balance.

No excuses

The most important aspect of remaining fit and healthy while on the road is that in the round there should be no excuses for not completing workouts and eating the right things. This does not mean that there will be days where you miss the opportunity to hit the gym or end up having a large work related meal. ‘No excuses’ does mean that you need to balance this yourself, not be a victim of your situation. So, get up earlier, or choose a healthy option for lunch when you can but whatever you end up doing, do balance your activity.

Eat the best you can

Food on flights and in airports may be getting better; with healthy options or low calorie alternatives much more common than just a few years ago. Even so, you still need to put real effort in to ensure you nourish your body in the best way possible. Sometimes this will mean planning ahead and taking something healthy with you to eat, other times you’re going to have to fight to find the best places. It can help if your hotel room has a fridge and you do a little research to find where the best places to eat.

Work out the best you can

A good tactic maybe to work out early, this is often the only time of day that you really control. While it’s a great idea to find a hotel with a good sports facility this is not always vital. You just need to try and do the best possible given the constraints present. Perhaps this means you’re going to just be running and doing yoga for a week as there’s no gym.

Stay hydrated

The single thing that we could probably all do better, all of the time is to drink enough water. Staying hydrated can be a challenge in coffee-fueled work cultures but buying a glass of water on your way to a meeting should not be.

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Posted on Feb 14 2014

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