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Study Shows Business Travelers Biggest Headache is No WiFi


When most people think about travel stress, the top stresses that may come tom mind are maybe a missed connection  or delayed flight, right?  A recent study of over 10,000 business travellers across the globe by InterContinental Hotels Group showed that the biggest headache, over even missed connections or delays are actually lack of Wifi connection in their hotel.

In an era of smartphones, inflight WiFi and tablets, we are all constantly connected.  This is even more essential when you are traveling and need to stay that connected to family.

According to the study, 40% of travellers said a lack of hotel internet connectivity was their biggest source of travel stress compared to 26% who found difficult transport links a bigger issue. Almost 1/3 of the respondents said that logging onto the internet was the first thing they did once they checked into their room in order to feel at home

Exclusive Sedan utilizes the best technology for keeping passengers on time and comfortable. Whether you are traveling in the Los Angeles area or anywhere around the globe, our goal is to provide you with the most reliable and best ground transportation services.

Click here to read the InterContinental Hotels Group study.

Posted on Jul 26 2013

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