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Tactics to Ease Event Planning Stress


We all know event planning is a stressful job. In 2012 it was rated as the 6th most stressful job in the world, just behind being a police officer and an army general. How can you make it more bearable? Read on to find out.

Learn to use tech, don’t get owned by it

Technology offers the biggest advantage when it is fully integrated and proven. It’s absolutely the way to improve efficiency and get things done better. But, if you change with every new bit of tech, you’ll never settle down into a productive pattern. The very chaos you’re trying to control will control you.

A really safe play is trying not to be the first or last person to adopt a new technology – you’d look pretty daft registering attendees by fax or taking payments by banker draft. You’d be similarly unsuccessful if you tried something so new no one has ever heard of, even if it’s going to be the next big thing. Trying to chase the trend will cause stress. Using it to make your life easier will make it much more pleasant.

Break things down into manageable chunks

Breaking down an event in to small, achievable tasks is one of the most effective ways to lower stress. Then make a record of each small task. This will make the whole task much easier to visualize and understand. It also will enable you to track progress and really see where the problems are. All of this reduces stress by making it manageable.

Prioritize and plan

At this point you’ve got an idea of all the individual things that need to come together to make the event happen. Now you need to assign your effort to the right place, as no one can do everything at once; and, you’d get stressed trying.

You need to work out where the bottlenecks are – those things everything else depends upon. You also need to work out where the tasks have a high pay off, or that require early work. This will help you to prioritize, another key part of staying sane.

Don’t Multitask

Most people who try to multitask will end up taking longer to get tasks done or, more likely, will end up with the tasks being completed to a lower standard than would be the case if they were attempted alone. But, for this topic, multitasking will cause stress as you will have too many important balls in the air at one time.

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Posted on Jan 22 2014

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