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Taming the Email Monster


As technology get ever better, smaller and more mobile, the possibilities for digital communication continue to soar. Some tech, like spam filters can help reduce the overall volume but it’s fair to say that most consider email to be a monster, requiring daily cutting back.

While critical messages deserve your time, much is either unhelpful or just plain nonsense and the volume is huge. This can lead to you being controlled by not controlling the email monster before and after working hours as well as at weekends. This post is a few ideas for getting the monster under control.

Don’t do complaints by email  A grievance is best dealt with in person or by phone. Experts agree that 70% of communication is non-verbal, so an email cannot convey the exact nation and seriousness of your grievance. More importantly, it can be taken out of context or misinterpreted – so speak face to face.

This is equally true if you get a complaint from by email. Try and speak to them, just this act may go a long way to resolving the issue and critically, it’s probably quicker than writing a email.

Email only in office hours  Technology allows us to be on duty permanently. The human mind and body do not. And, quite often tasks will expand to fill the available time and not vice-versa. Once people realize that you only read and respond to email during office hours, the monster will be much easier to control.

Signatures save everybody time  A well thought out signature block with your name and contact details will save every-body time.  You, as you don’t need to write it out each time and your recipient, as they can get directly back in touch with you.

Subject lines are supreme  Many email are never read, most subject lines are. This is partly how programs and smartphones display incoming mail and partly human nature. It also help recipients to sort and reply to your correspondence. Similarly, an email that has ‘Fwd:’ or ‘Re’ as a subject line does not help anybody.

One issue, one email  While it’s tempting to combine multiple issues into a single email, single-focus email messages are more efficient and will produce much clearer answers for you and trail for audit.

Avoid attachments  If less email are read than subject lines, still fewer attachments are opened. There are technical reasons for this like virus checkers but it’s simply more effort. So if you can, avoid them.

Proofread before sending  Many issues with email would be avoided by proofreading. The key thing to check is your intent. Can this be understood? Grammar, spelling and the eloquence of your message, while maybe important are of secondary issue.

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Posted on Nov 18 2013

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