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Thanksgiving Travel: Book Now Before It's Too Late


Think it's too early to plan your Thanksgiving and holiday travel? On the contrary: you will want to book now before it's too late. While booking last minute may be a great way to get deals during the off season, it's more than counterproductive to attempt the same technique during peak booking season. Thanksgiving is one of the busiest times of the year for the travel industry and deals are hard to find.

Try to Set Your Own Rate

Booking early is the perfect time to use "set your own rate" sites like Priceline. Figure out your ideal travel budget and then request notification if your budget is met. If a plane ticket comes up that's within your discounted rate, you'll be able to book it immediately -- if not, you can still book early at low rates. These websites don't just offer you discounts that are already available; many of them can actually negotiate lower prices with vendors.

Make Sure to Complete All Your Arrangements

In addition to booking the larger portions of your trip -- such as flights and hotels -- you should also make sure the rest of your arrangements are made. You don't want to neglect to make ground transportation arrangements only to find that everything is booked last minute; all of your deals and savings could fly out the window as you end up paying premium prices for last minute travel. Make a list of everything you'll need to arrange for a successful vacation in advance.

Don't Forget the Price Matching

Have rates gone down suddenly just following your booking? While you'll have limited success with airlines, you can usually negotiate lower rates from hotels. Simply contact the hotel that you booked with and let them know that you want the less expensive rate. After all, if the hotel refuses you can always cancel your reservation and make it again immediately.

The Internet offers many tools for price tracking, so don't forget to keep on checking those numbers! If you start early, you're all the more likely to happen upon a great deal.

Posted on Aug 28 2014

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