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The 5 Things You’ll Need on Your Next Hot Weather Trip


Scorching hot weather can be a real killer, but that doesn’t mean you should totally avoid standing outside. Most tropical and desert climates do require the right preparation and planning, but if you get it right, you’re definitely going to enjoy yourself. In fact, you’ve probably thought of some of the things below to bring along on your next hot weather destination, but it never hurts to make a final check before heading off:

The Right Headgear

Whether you’re sitting or standing, your head is still going to be exposed to a lot of sun. You can obviously slap on tons of sunscreen, but you’re not going to be able to do that if you have a head of hair. To shield your neck and forehead, you should always wear a protective layer, be it a wide-brimmed hat, bandana or buff. An umbrella is obviously alright too, but it might get in the way of sightseeing and can be a cumbersome to pack.

The Right Fabrics

With advancing technology in fabrics these days, it’s easy enough to obtain lightweight wools as a practical option for warmer weather. However, if you intend to travel light and see yourself staying outdoors for most of the time, you can also invest in moisture-wicking performance fabrics that dry fast and still look stylish and crease-free.

Protecting Your Eyes

Sunnies are probably one of the more obvious items to bring along, and you don’t even have to pack them into the bag! Of course, they usually range from cheap to expensive, so it’s more or less the matter of style that settles your purchase decision. However, if you’re prone to losing or breaking them, you might probably want to settle for a less expensive version.

Covering Your Feet

A good solid pair of shoes doesn’t necessarily mean heavy ones. If you want to feel some breeze on your toes, invest in a sturdy pair of flip flops. Otherwise, if you prefer to have most of your feet shielded from the heat, there’s always sandals, boat shoes, and espadrilles to choose from.


Constant hydration is of utmost importance, and one of the best ways to get enough water into your system is to bring along your own water bottle. Sure, you can always purchase bottled water wherever you are, but you can do the world some good by bringing along your own refillable option.

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Posted on May 15 2018

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