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The AquaVault Helps Keep Your Valuables Safe When Traveling


After you have finished with the day’s events during a business trip, or when you have some free time over the weekend before the next meetings begin again in earnest, you might want to enjoy yourself by relaxing at the hotel pool or at the local beach. 

However, if you are traveling by yourself, who is going to look after your valuable items if you want to take a dip in the water or go for a walk? And even if you were traveling with a colleague, you wouldn’t want to impose on him or her to watch your stuff. 

Since criminals are always on the lookout to steal items from unwary travelers, it would be great if you could bring a portable safe with you to stash your items. This is where the AquaVault comes in. As depicted on a recent episode of the investment TV show Shark Tank, the AquaVault is a portable safe that users can securely lock to the back of their beach or pool chairs.

The company’s founders came up with the idea for AquaVault after someone stole from them while they were relaxing at a hotel pool. They quit their jobs in construction and finance to develop the portable safe.

You can use the AquaVault to store your smartphone, money, wallet and other items and no one can make off with it. To date, Aventura, the company behind the device, has sold thousands of AquaVaults to hotels including the Ritz Carlton and Fontainbleu.

At Exclusive Sedan, we recognize that no one wants to dwell very much on the possibility that criminals are on the prowl looking to steal from unwary travelers in a strange city. However, it’s no good to ignore the dangers. If you are traveling alone and have no colleague to look after your valuables, the AquaVault seems like a solution that will give you greater peace of mind.

Posted on May 27 2015

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