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The Cutting Edge: 5 Business Productivity Apps That Everyone Should Have


productivity appsAs a business person, good time management is critical. With limited hours in the day, you have to take extra measures to get a significant amount of work done. Due to huge responsibilities, you want to be organized—something that is more possible if you use a number of productivity apps. Although there are many additional possibilities, the apps mentioned rank among the best.


Top-Rated Mobile Apps

  1. Evernote—This freeware version works on Android, Web, and iOS mobile devices. To stay organized, save web pages, capture photos and videos, take notes, sync files, record voice reminders, and create to-do lists, Evernote is exceptional. However, you can also conduct searches while on the go, which makes it possible for you to stay on top of multiple responsibilities.

  1. Drop Box—For instant connectivity and the ability to share documents, photos, and videos, you will appreciate the simplicity and power of Drop Box. This free, cloud-based file storage system is available for laptops as well as mobile devices. Especially when you need to share information and files with team members, this app is extremely helpful.

  1. Audible—This is another one of the top apps for business productivity. By using Audible, you gain a tremendous amount of knowledge by listening to e-books. While driving to work, waiting for meetings to start, being driven around by a licensed chauffeur, or flying out of town, you have the ability to listen to an incredible library of business-related books, thereby gaining an edge over the competition.

  1. TripIt—To reduce stress, you should also consider this mobile app. TripIt helps you stay on top of bookings, meetings, and travel schedules. Simply put, this app organizes all of your business travels. The app also provides assistance with booking flights, forwarding itineraries, and sending confirmations to an email.

  1. LastPass—Having such a busy schedule, you probably find it hard to keep track of passwords. With LastPass, which is designed for Macs and PCs, your passwords are remembered on your behalf. Although there is a free version, you can spend just $12 for the premium version that is downloadable to your mobile device. With this personal password manager, you never have to worry about forgetting multiple passwords again.

Using a Licensed Chauffeur

In addition to using productivity apps for business, you can hire a licensed chauffeur to eliminate unwanted stress. Having a professional chauffeur drive you around frees up time, which improves productivity while you’re on the road.

Posted on Dec 02 2015

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