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Tips for Keeping Your Cash Safe While Traveling


Even if you tend to rely on credit cards, debit cards and travelers checks when you go on trips, you will also usually need to have some cold hard cash for transactions. How much currency you will carry around with you will depend to some degree on the nature of your trip. 

For example, you might need to keep a lot of cash on hand to tip the many staffers that assist you on your business trip. It’s also prudent to have some cash in case you cannot use an ATM or if equipment failures prevent establishments from being able to access your credit card or debit card.

However, carrying cash with you can pose some risks, especially when you are journeying in an unfamiliar region, far from home. If you’ve ever been the victim of a crime, you may be more wary than others about the prospect of muggers making off with your cash. To counter these concerns, here are some tips for keeping your cash safe while traveling.

Something you should bring on every trip is the humble money belt. Make sure to get one that looks like a real belt, noted a recent article at TravelPulse. You can hide as much as $3,000 in U.S. currency in a good money belt. Knowing that your cash is securely fashioned to your body and is hidden from criminals should reduce your anxiety.

Does your luggage contain secret zippers? You can often find bags and backpacks that already have secret compartments opened with hidden zippers. If your luggage lacks such a feature, you can sew a small pocket yourself (or hire a professional sewer).

In a pinch, your shoes will work as a handy hiding place for currency. You’ll want to hundred-dollar bills or large notes in the local currency for maximum effectiveness.

For your first aid kit, consider storing some money inside prescription pill containers. It’s best to include a few pills so the bottle will rattle and fool criminals rummaging around in your bags. 

While it won’t do much good to dwell on the possibility of someone stealing from you during your trips, it’s prudent to keep safety considerations in mind nonetheless. The team at Exclusive Sedan hopes these tips will help you protect your cash and give you greater peace of mind on upcoming trips. 

Posted on May 15 2015

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